Our Church is Independent

By the word independent, we mean that our church is not affiliated with any convention, fellowship or association of churches. We are completely self governing and capable, under the Lord’s direction, to formulate and carry out our entire church program, including missions. Although we work closely with other churches of like faith and practice, we remain unaffiliated with religious organizations and maintain autonomy as a local church.

Independent Baptist churches are not new. They have an ancient and glorious heritage. Long before the Protestant Reformation began, there were independent Baptist churches in both Europe and Asia. Presently, there are many thousands of Independent Baptist churches in all parts of the world.

We are distinctively missionary

Our missions program consists of direct support to individual missionaries chosen by the local church. We know our missionaries and the kind of work they are doing. Our regular support goes to them through the local churches that send them out. This method is in keeping with the New Testament pattern and assures the donor that every dollar set aside for missions support goes directly to the missionary.

Our Church uses the King James Bible

You can be part of this exciting ministry! Consider this your invitation to find out about a church that cares for you.

We are Bible-Centered!

Because we use only the Bible to determine what we believe and practice, requirements for membership in our church are established by the example of the Scriptures. They are as follows:

1) That the person has trusted in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior;
2) That they have received scriptural baptism; and
3) That they are assured that the Lord is adding them to this body of believers.

Because Jesus Christ promised to build His church and God adds each member according to His own will (1 Corinthians 12:18), we do not pressure anyone into membership. Instead, we rely entirely upon the personal leadership of the Holy Spirit to give us opportunity to love, teach, and receive new members.

What kind of Church?

We are a caring church and our desire is to serve you. Our church isn’t composed of independent members, but interdependent members.

We care about you

It will only take a minute! That’s about how long it will take us to get acquainted.

We’re Calvary Baptist Church, we care about people, and we’re in your area to serve you!

In a day when churches are often accused of being cold, unfriendly, or indifferent, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the genuine friendliness and hospitality shown by church members. We’ve discovered that God’s Word contains the answers that all of us need. Our lives have been changed as a result of God’s Word.

This is an exciting message of hope and we count it a joy to share with you and our community.

So won’t you take a moment or two to get acquainted with us through the enclosed information? But don’t stop there! We hope you’ll also accept this as our personal invitation to come join us in the warm spiritual atmosphere of our church as we worship the Lord and study His Word.

It will only take you one minute to feel right at home!

Please be our Special Guest!!!