Our Mission & Vision

To help connect people to their faith in Jesus Christ.

For we walk by faith, not by sight… 2 Corinthians 5:7


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Helping You Grow Your Faith

Faith... Without it, it is impossible to please God. With it, mountains can be moved; by it, the world was framed, souls are saved, and the Christian walks. The whole purpose of Calvary Baptist Church is to help the believer grow their faith. Come join us in person and let's grow together.

Morning Worship

The book of Ruth series, Pursued By Grace will  be starting in October 2023.

This 12 lesson series is designed to inspire us to live the life God desires for all his people — a life empowered by his precious promise of reconciliation when we have moved away from God's promise to take care of us in diffucult times.

The book of Ruth is a story about God and how he restores those who walk away from His promises and become the One who can once again give hope to the downcast.

It’s about God’s faithfulness and it contributes to the overall storyline that unifies the entire Bible.

The author has gone to great care to honor Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz through the development of their characters in the story. They are pictures of how God works in mundane, everyday events in the lives of his people as He pursues us by GRACE.

Come join us on Sunday morning at 10:50 AM for this exciting journey in this great book as we look at how God can take tragedy in our life because we chose to walk away from Him and bring about His blessing for our life when we decide to return to His GOODNESS!

Sunday School

Calvary Baptist Church uses the Randall House D6 curriculum.

This material keeps every class, from the adults to the children, on the same topics. We do this so parents can talk about Sunday’s lesson with their children and we find that this brings a cohesiveness to our faith in the body of Christ. Our Sunday School hour starts promptly at 9:45 AM and we have a class for every age from nursery to adult. 

Please come and join us as we learn about what it means to not only be a Christian but to live a life that is centered around Jesus Christ while serving around other Christians that will encourage you in Christ. 

For more information or for somebody to contact you about the church, please click on the GET CONNECTED button below and somebody from Calvary will contact you ASAP. 



Serve with Us

Whether it is mowing grass, singing specials, working with our children, or helping our ladies build mats for the homeless, we at Calvary are all about getting involved for the cause of Christ.

Get Connected

We all desire a real form of connection and we all want someone to know and accept us as we are. So this week, come asks our pastor how you can get connected. 

Youth Ministry 

Our Youth Ministry strives to provide your children a fun and safe place to come and learn about Jesus. Come join us on Wednesdays at 7pm for Kidz Life.