12/19 A.M. SERVICE
Pastor S. Eaton

"Tis the Season"
TITUS 3:3-8
12/5 A.M. ServicePastor S. Eaton"The Eminent Giver of All"2 Corinthians 8
11/17 A.M. ServicePastor S. Eaton
"The Lamb Has Overcome!"
Revelations 22
10/24 A.M. ServicePastor S. Eaton"The Place Called Hell"
Revelation 21
10/17 A.M. ServicePastor S. Eaton"A New Heaven and a New Earth"
Revelation 21
10/10 A.M. ServicePastor S. Eaton"A Guided Tour Through Heaven"Revelation 21
10/3 A.M. ServicePastor S. Eaton"The Final Judgment"Revelation 20
9/19, A.M. ServicePastor S. Eaton"The Golden Age"Revelation 20
9/12, A.M. ServicePastor S. Eaton"The Return of the King"Revelation 19
9/5, A.M. ServicePastor S. Eaton"The Marriage of the Lamb"Revelation 19
8/29, A.M. ServiceDr. Al ReichmanAhavath Messiah Ministries

8/15, A.M. Service Pastor S. Eaton"Beauty and the Beast!" 
Revelation 17
8/8, A.M. ServicePastor S. Eaton
"How to Gain and Celebrate Victory!"Revelation 15&16
7/25, A.M. ServicePastor S. Eaton"The Mark of The Beast"
Revelation 13
7/18, Guest SpeakerLeo RivasMissionaries to Mexico

7/18, A.M. ServicePastor Shannon Eaton"The Coming New World Order"Revelation 11:15
7/11, A.M. ServicePastor Shannon Eaton"When Prophets are Persecuted"Revelation 11
7/4, Guest  SpeakerDan Knickerbocker"Soldier of God"2 Timothy 2
6/27, A.M. ServicePastor Shannon Eaton"Jesus Christ, The One and Only!"
Revelation 10
6/20, A.M ServicePastor Shannon Eaton"Like Father Like Son"
Genesis 26
6/13, Guest SpeakerMatthew Wilkerson"Jesus Among the Nations"
Zechariah 3
6/06, A.M. Service
Pastor Shannon Eaton 
"Looking for God In A World Gone Wild"
Revelation 9
5/05, WednesdayPastor Shannon Eaton"Doubting the Word"Hebrews 3
5/02, P.M. ServiceBrother Josh Herrera"Law Keepers & Law Breakers"Matthew 22:34-40
4/25, A.M. ServicePastor Shannon Eaton"The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" 
Revelation 6:1-17
4/21, Wednesday
Pastor Shannon Eaton
"God's Speaking, Are You Listening?"